[TRANSLATIONS] Big Bang Interview on Women Weekly Magazine

| Thursday, August 5

Some translations to the scans that were posted HERE~

What do you eat before you go on the stage?

SOLI can dance better if I don’t eat anything before I go on the stage. But in the morning and lunch, I will eat fruits or boiled eggs. After the concert, I usually eat whatever I want. I normally eat Yakiniku (Korean BBQ).
V.I.: Oolong Tea. (I love it)
D-LiteI don’t really eat anything before the concert, but I do eat bananas and boiled eggs.
G-DragonRed Bull
T.O.PBananas! I always try my best not to drink alcohol….. (I was just kidding ok?). I usually don’t eat dinner the day before the concert either. But I do drink 1 bottle of wine.. if I drink more then that, I will get wasted.

Where is one the spots where you gain your energy from?
(We know on the stage from fans are #1)
SOLMy hotel room in Japan
V.IInside the car, on the way to the concert. I like to think about how to perform on the stage.
D-LiteRight now (During this interview of Shukan Josei/Women Weekly). After that is my bed, I can gain so much energy from sleeping.
G-DragonRight before the concert begins. I concentrate so much so I do get a lot of energy. After the concert begins, I just perform with all I have and I usually don’t remember what I did after.
T.O.POn stage

Our readers of this magazine are probably all older then you. Do you consider going out with older ladies?
SOLIf I really love the person, I don’t really care for the age.
V.II’m usually working with older people, so I don’t mind. But I would like to go out with younger girls as well.
D-LiteNo problem! I don’t care about age!
G-DragonI’m okay with it… but maybe the girl won’t feel comfortable thinking that we have nothing in common to talk about.
T.O.PAge doesn’t matter.

Translations by ayachu @ tokyohive
Scans by aya and verdaded @ DCTOP
Shared by TOPLvr


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LOL gd don't remember what he did after? i think he needs to eat raisins or

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