[NEWS] Tattoo Artist J.Mi Reveals G-Dragon’s New Tattoo "Keith Haring" (110920)

| Tuesday, September 20
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Recently, we reported that Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon was spotted with a bright red tattoo on his right arm which was later discovered to be a famous icon by artist Keith Haring. A clearer picture of that tattoo was recently posted on the internet, and it’s caused fans to swoon over G-Dragon’s mature look.

The picture shows the leader wearing a comfortable pair of shorts and a T-shirt while looking at his newly ink. It was revealed that the photo was taken directly by G-Dragon’s tattoo artist, J.Mi.
Tattoo Artist J.Mi, she's also been making tattoo for Martina (her foot in that picture) from Eat Your Kimchi!

the image

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “I think a lot of people will try to copy it using a marker”, “Wouldn’t it have hurt?”, and “The tattoo is getting prettier the more I look at it.”
the image
Great news, finally it was REAL!^^

Source:tattoo artist :J.Mi//Xport News//Via TeamBigBang//Akp


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