[PHOTOS] G-Dragon's Twitter, Instagram & LINE Updates! (130413-14)

| Sunday, April 14

  • @scooterbraun:  "Some new friends CL from 2NE1 and G-Dragon" #korea #YG

  • @IBGDRGN: "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah

  • @GD_LINE: "meow meow how r u everyone? yesterday I went to Psy's con as a guest & afterparty and had slept till now... Seoul's weather is so nice. when the weather is like this, should go to the park with a lunch box.. is there anyone who can go with me? ah btw Im nominated on WMA. if u vote for it, there will be a good result. VOTE WMA '' anyway I will be at the park with a lunch box. see u later Everyone HaengShow!

  • @psy_oppa concert #happening The End. Gr8 show today!! #Gentleman #gd #gdragon #giyongchy 알랑가몰라
  • @xxxibgdrgn: "This child grew up to become a dragon #gd #gdragon #giyongchy #bowdown 

Stay with us for more GD updates.

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