[TRANS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates: "Discovering To-san" (130331)

| Monday, April 8
  • Seung-chan's Diary Update: "Discovering To-San" (130331) 
Today, I came to cheer for Big Bang’s D-LITE Japan Solo concert!

Right now, Japan is so lively with people going out for cherry blossom viewing and strolling with their families, friends, or lovers.

Actually my plan today was to sneak into To-san’s concert, and surprise him.

I even said “please keep this as a secret okay!” to all the managers! Really! I’ve told them since a week ago! I told them “I’m going to the concert, so don’t let him know!”

But..A day before the concert, because of flowers’ pollen, I just stayed in the room watching television and suddenly felt so hungry, so I ordered sirloin steak from the room service.


And then I thought, if I just leave the dishes in the room, it would be smelly, so I opened the door and put the dishes outside the room on the floor, and suddenly…

“D….D…D-LITE san…”
“Err..Why are you in Japan?”
“I came to see your concert tomorrow..”
“Ah, really!?? Okay, have a rest and see you tomorrow!”

He is staying in a room next to mine…

How could this happened?!!

And what’s with this bad timing?!!

Furthermore, I already told him…that I am going to the concert tomorrow..

I worked hard to tell everyone to keep this as a secret, at last it was me who blurted it out.How stupid I am… I really wanted to come and surprise him though…

Anyway, To-san’s concert was really awesome!!!

I was so surprised!!

When i looked at him from the audiences’ seat, he really looked so happy. There were a lot of Japanese Cover songs, but the songs sound like they are really belong to him. As expected, To-san really looks very cool when he is singing right.

I learned a lot.

He succeeded in showing us the result of his work hard of the album that he prepared since half a year ago. Awesome! You are great! Just doing it alone at the Budokan. It’s a thing that I don’t think I can do it by myself…

To-san, thanks for your hard work. My surprise plan is failed, but your music is a big success.

Good Luck on your tour from now on too! ^o^

NOTE: Stay with us for more updates.

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