[PHOTOS] Seungchan's Diary Updates from Nagoya Day 1 & 2! (130602)

| Sunday, June 2
  • Seungchan diary updates. -130601-.

Seungri: "Nagoya!!! Long time no see! BIGBANG 5 members are eating sushi together after GD's Nagoya Dome concert!! It's fun in Nagoya^-^ Will tell you more in tomorrow's diary! Please wait for it!...."

  • Seungchan diary updates. -130602-
Seungri: "SOL, DLITE, TOP & I came as a guest for GD's Nagoya dome Live! It's been almost half a yr since I came here! Long time no see! To celebrate GD's last dome tour, BB appeared today! Nagoya was hot! 

GD also liked it! He said thanks for coming to Nagoya! It's been awhile since all 5 of us sang so we forgot some choreography and lyrics, so sorry to our fans! But it was fun! we talked about how we're feeling these days,our plans for the future and if there's any woman that we're interested in... 

It was like “Men meeting” so it was fun talking about those things ^ ^ GD who worked hard by himself at a big dome live, he was so cool! He made his charms melt right on the stage. I respect GD so much and as a member of BIGBANG he's our pride! I think he's talented and is a genius on stage! 

One day I want to hear that Seungri's live was good from him! All 5 of BIGBANG's live and each member's live has its own charms! we were thinking about eating together an TOP said he wants to eat sushi so he went to eat by himself. I love his free soul... Nagoya thank u, your cheers were really great! I'll ask for this again at BIGBANG's Nagoya concert at the end of the year m-.-m"

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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