[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] G-Dragon's World Tour in Malaysia: "With Taeyang" (130622)

| Tuesday, June 25

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    1. GD: "Are you doing fine?! It is always nice to be with you guys!"
    2. GD performs MichiGO, Heartbreaker, Crayon, One of a kind, Butterfly, Missing You, That XX (Acoustic Version), Without You, Today, A Boy , This Love, One Year Station, Shes Gone, Breathe, Fantastic Baby. (Plus perform Bad Boy with Taeyang).
    3. During Light It Up performance, Tablo isn't at GD's concert, it just a Tablo's hologram. Kkkkkk~
    4. Taeyang also perform Where You At & Break It Down. 
    5. Fans are chanting "GDragon saranghae" now, shouting for GD to return to the stage again. 
    6. GD: "Let's scream for taeyang. It's time to say goodbye, the show is over. Thank you for coming tonight, thank you for always supporting me. I'm so happy. I have so much fun tonight, I will never forget tonight. I promise to come back with my brothers big bang, please wait for us!"
    7. He continued, "My solo album will be releasing this August. Hope you look forward to it too!..." Thanking speech now. GD also thanked the dancers, big bang, special guest taeyang and VIP in Malaysia! 
    8. GD left the stage after giving final flying kisses to the VIPs. The concert has officially ended! 
    [INFO] The concert in Malaysia was only hold for 1 day. Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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