[NEWS] Daesung’s surprise live of ‘I LOVE YOU’ wins high praises from Japanese actresses! (130720)

| Saturday, July 20

At the first airing ceremony for UULA drama ‘I LOVE YOU’ in Japan on July 18, BIGBANG’s DAESUNG won high praises from Japanese female actors for his surprise live performance.

UULA drama titled, “I LOVE YOU” consists of 3 main female actors including Erika Toda, Mikako Tabe and Yoko Maki, which portrays an omniverse love story where the 3 women express their unstable feelings when they are at a turning point of their love lives.

And DAESUNG, who is gaining popularity worldwide, is drawing much attention for singing the main theme song, ‘I LOVE YOU’, which is a collaborated song with Japan’s famous violinist Taro Hakase.

At the special event held at Sky Arena of Sky Tree Town®, 200 lucky drama fans whose names were drawn were present.
Although DAESUNG’s appearance at the event was unannounced, the fans there were blown by his surprise visit.

On stage, DAESUNG commented, “It’s extremely hot!”, and went on to sing with his mesmerizing voice ‘I LOVE YOU,’ which is a song that is to be released on July 31.

With the unexpected performance of DAESUNG and his perfect live show, some fans were even in tears.
Erika Toda, who were also present to hear him sing, said, “His voice was amazing, a voice that I want to listen to over and over again.” Another actor, Mikako Tabe added, “I received his CD and have been listening to it repeatedly ever since. But hearing it live was incomparable to that. I am so glad I got this job. (laughter).”

It was a short appearance on stage, but the applause from the fans did not fade away until he was completely gone from the stage.

DAESUNG’s performance in Japan is astonishing. DAESUNG’s album that was released in Japan at the beginning of this year ranked #2 on Oricon weekly chart, while the tickets for his 25 concerts of ‘D-LITE D’scover TOUR 2013 IN JAPAN ~DLIVE~’ that was held from March to June in 19 Japanese cities were sold out in every city.
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