[PHOTOS/VIDEO] G-Dragon @ KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook! (130907)

| Saturday, September 7

[NOTE] G-Dragon performed Crayon, Fantastic Baby, Niliria, Crooked and Bad Boy today on Sketchbook. Also GD's
  • GD: "working on this album, I was stressed out & worried a lot. I put songs I wanted to do ALL, like this is the last album" 
  • GD: "I wrote songs over again when I was a trainee, to relieve stress, many songs came out. Maybe now Im too happy to do that"
  • GD: "I wrote 3~4 songs at one time before but lately compose 1 song for 1 months & keep modifying songs I made 1 year ago
  • GD: "it's not burdensome, working & promoting with SR at the same time. but SR may feel burdened" 
  • GD: "it's an honor that Barbara Palvin has a good opinion of me. feel sad not to meet her"

  • >GD arrival at KBS Sketchbook:~

  • @IBGDRGN: "Done filming Sketchbook"
Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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