[NEWS/PHOTO] Daesung & Seungri appear on homosexual Chinese website! (110305)

| Saturday, March 5
The popular boy group Big Bang had an image of Daesung and Seungri stolen and used without permission to advertise a homosexual Chinese website.

A screenshot of the website shows a picture of the two singers in the upper left corner. Daesung and Seungri are wearing matching shirts as Seungri drapes his arm around Daesung and points to the website's banner. The banner reads, "You are visiting the partners of homosexual people in Shanghai--Shanghai Gay People Network. Please remember our site address."
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This unauthorized use of Big Bang's image has angered a number of netizens. Outraged responses include, "This person stole Big Bang's picture," "This should be regulated by law," and "This image is seriously damaging."

p/s: Seriously Wtf?! Big Bang's image can be totally ruined about this, what you're thoughts guys? is their picture suitable to put there? aigoo~~ 

Source My Daily via koreaboo
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