[NEWS] G-Dragon’s hair gives him a new character (120427)

| Friday, April 27

G-Dragon didn’t get long hair for nothing; he’s really playing the part.

The user of an online community recently uploaded a series of photos titled, ‘G-Dragon Eating Ramen While Holding Back His Hair’. The photos were from the April 23 broadcast of Japan’s popular late-night program Shabekuri 007 on Nihon TV. On the show, Big Bang appeared with an interpreter, but managed to get around in Japanese without the interpreter’s help.

Near the end of the episode, the producers treated the group to ramen from a famous restaurant in Tokyo, and G-Dragon was caught eating while holding back his long hair or covering his mouth when he talked.

To the show, netizens left reactions such as, ‘G-Dragon explodes with femininity! He looks gentler than a girl. It’s funny and cute at the same time’ and ‘Seungri speaks like a native’.

Seungri, who is known to be the most fluent in Japanese, answered questions in Japanese and also joked along, surprising the MCs. He even successfully used a bit of Japanese humor he was taught by the MCs that day, to roaring laughter from his audience.

The show featured the group dancing a comical dance to Fantastic Baby with the other guests, Taeyang’s moves and T.O.P.’s beat-boxing.

From May 17-18, Big Bang will start on its Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan at Aichi, and will continue through the Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle, Saitama’s Super Arena and Fukuoka’s Marine Messe for a 130,000-member audience in total.

Watch Big Bang on Shabekuri 007 'here'
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