[PHOTOS] Big Bang's Polaroid Photos on VIVI Magazine June Issue! (120427)

| Friday, April 27

Translation: "The HULK! my power is just as strong as the hulk."

Translation: "pervert researcher. D-lite reading book that he found in the studio. which has adult contains."
Translation: "trying to open my brain."
Translation: "BIGBANG gags duo. D-Lite who is the funniest, together with me in charge of gags -SR"
Translation: "Leader! Please don't die!! -SR"
Translation: "BANG! feel like im a killer while taking this pic."
Translation: " SOL with GD's hairstyle."
Translation: "kirakira (shiny shiny) Top is shining. the staff's head at the back also is shining"
Translation: "this is my mental state."
Translation: "SOON. V.I is about to be killed!"

Translation: "A Demon!"
Translation: "WHAT's THAT?? i see a strange face!" 

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