[NEWS] Go Hyung Jung’s confession after filmming ‘Go Show’ with Big Bang! (120429)

| Sunday, April 29
Actor Go Hyungjung who had been a MC for the first time has shared her inner feelings.
In ‘Go Show’ which was aired in the afternoon of 27th, Go Hyung Jung has confessed her feeling about being a MC for the first time.

Go Hyung Jung said on today,’we filmmed with Big Bang together for 3 times so I had the chance of dancing with them. However, I did not do it well. These young friends were working very hard, I did not want to embarrass them so I could not sleep well at that night.’ The surprising confession has attracted attention.

She continued,’if Kim Jun-Ho hyun has met Big Bang before, the process filmming the Big Bang part will be more smooth.’

Yoon Jong Shin also said, ‘not long after our representatives performed in the arts area, the situation started to be embarrassing, it is the first time I have ever experienced it.’

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Bigbang is forever awkward ^o^

 Source: Obsnews// trans Rice@BBU


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