[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Big Bang performed goodbye stage on Inkigayo + Letter & Photo Gift for VIPs! (120429)

| Monday, April 30

Big Bang's Letter & Photo Gifts for VIPs at Inkigayo Goodbye Stage:~

Letter Translations:

TAEYANG: Thank you 4 everything! I love you! 

GD: Thank you so much for this comeback. Let's meet again! Soon..! V.I.P iz fantastic BABY! 

SEUNGRI: This was all possible because VIP was with us. 

DAESUNG: Thank you so much for everything you've done until now!! I want to continue being more and more thankful even in the future!!

*TOP did not write a message. Only left an autograph.

More Big Bang photos on Inkigayo:~
NOTE: These photos & letter gifts are for official VIPs were were chosen to attend at BIGBANG's Goodbye Stage on Inkigayo, Sun 29th,15 :30pm.

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