[NEWS] Seungri confesses his love for Go Hyun Jung on ‘Go Show’? (120422)

| Sunday, April 22
Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri recently made an attempt to confess his hidden love for actress Go Hyun Jung.

The third set of guests to appear on the ‘Go Show’, were none other than the group Big Bang. During the episode, Seungri showed off his experiences as an actor after making special appearances in the movie ‘Why are You at Our House‘ and the drama ‘Light and Shadow‘.
Seungri had also prepared a special scenerio to act out during this episode. With the help from actress Go Hyun Jung, Seungri parodied the popular drama ‘Romance’, which was a love story between a student and his teacher. However, unlike the serious Seungri, Go Hyun Jung acted out a comedy between a teacher and her rebellious student.

Disappointed by the way his scenerio had turned out, Seungri was given another chance to do it exactly the way he had planned to. His last phrase, especially, had left the entire studio bursting with laughter.

Check out the hilarous program below, Seungri’s clips begins at about 31:00
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Source: Star News//Akp
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