[NEWS/PHOTOS] Big Bang Interview on Junon Magazine June 2012 Issue (120422)

| Sunday, April 22
Translation of the members' Q&A session

Q: When do you feel the bond among the members?
D-LITE: When we’re doing music. If we’re not doing music together, I don’t think all of 5 will gather with each other.

Q: When do you feel ‘ALIVE’?
D-LITE: Every morning when I’m awake from sleep. The grateful feeling fills me up and today also I want to try my best.

Q: Recently, is there anything you have started to do?
D-LITE: Cooking. But I only can make fried egg for now. (laugh) After a year, I want to be like the main character of the Chuka Ichiban (Cooking Master Boy) the manga . In it, the boy is a very great cook! Actually, I have a dream to cook for my future girlfriend. During the first time of our date, she’ll come to my house, I want to prepareshabu shabu (Japanese hot pot) for her. It seems to be so simple, but the soup is important. I’ll prepare the soup by myself, and I want to treat her with a specialshabu shabu which is made by me.

Q: Last year, do you have some interaction with the members?
D-LITE: Yes, just like every day. We have created a chatroom in our phone which enables us to exchange messages among members so it’s easier to communicate.“Where are you now?” “You’re nearby. Then, let’s eat together”. We have this kind of communication.

Q: What’s your opinion on your drastically changed blonde hair?
D-LITE: The staff suggested, "Why don’t you changed to blonde hair?". Before I dyed my hair I had been so worried whether it suits me or not. But, after I tried it, I don’t think it’s that bad (laugh). At first, I was uncomfortable with the change but now I’m getting used to it as if I am blonde since a long time ago. I would think like "Am I an American?" (laugh). But, it seems that the hairstyle is quite heavy and my hair would fall quite often so I need to do treatment properly to take care of my hair.

Q: What do you cherish now?
D-LITE: The word ‘always thankful’. And lately, I have been spending most of my time alone. When I’m alone, I often think a lot and from there I realize that I have to face the reality no matter what. Also I’m a Christian so I go to church on every Sunday.
Q: When do you feel ‘ALIVE’?
G-Dragon: Now!! NOW

Q: Recently, are there any changes on how you perceive love?
G-Dragon: In the past, I used to give all my heart when I was in love. But now, in order to prevent myself from doing so, I think I should open up little by little instead. For so many times I've given them so much hope by being over excited about it for so many times but I only disappointed them in the end. I want to be in love at a slow pace.

Q: From the perspective of a leader to all the members, is there anything that you would want them to fix?
G-Dragon: All of them should not be off-guard (careless) on stage. I think we have come to a point that we don't show our nervousness on stage. Of course, I won’t let any mistake occur on the stage but sometimes I would want them to feel the tense when they're there.

Q: In this one year, what have you been thinking about BIGBANG?
G-Dragon : So many things happened to BIGBANG last year. That's why I had been thinking on what the right kind of feeling the come-back should be every day. The answer is upgraded while still being magnificent, I want to show "BIGBANG is still in an excellent condition". I think, this is another new start, which is also a turning point for BIGBANG.

Q: Is it true that your dog, Gaho has gotten married, and has given birth to a puppy now?
G-Dragon: The truth is, he's not married yet, nor does he have a child.

Q: When do you feel the bond among members?
G-Dragon : Now, I can understand their feeling only by looking at their eyes. Also, our ways of thinking have become the same, thus I always feel a sense of bond with them.

Q: Is there anything new that you want to start?
G-Dragon: Designing clothes. I want to make a new clothing brand.

Q: What is inside your head right now?
G-Dragon: Maybe, BIGBANG 50%, Solo Album 30%, Sleeping 10%, Girls 10%....
Q: When do you feel the bond among members? 
VI: Because everyone likes delicious foods, while saying ‘Yummy!’ or ‘Have a try!’, I feel the bond when we’re eating. Recently, I have found a nice BBQ shop. Surprisingly, everyone ate a lot when we went there.

Q: What’s your favorite Japanese’s gag recently?
VI: (Dancing)A Poi Poi gag.

Q: How did you know Miura Shouhei and Narimiya?
VI: Last time, Narimiya Hiroki and I did a JUNON’s interview together. And last year, he came to our concert in Osaka. I even told him, "You’ve become more handsome!". But we hadn’t gone to the sushi shop that we promised to go yet. Meanwhile, Miura Shouhei introduced us to each other during ‘Iitomo’. when we came to Japan this time, we went there to eat together. This is the first time I saw such a good-looking man when I have come to Japan.

Q: Now, what shows are you watching in order to learn Japanese?
VI: Lately, I like to watch ‘Ame-talk’(TV Asashi’s variety show). The tempo is fast so I have to concentrate while watching. If there’s a chance, I would like to appear on the show! Yeah~ I want to show up in the section ‘Recently Popular Celebrity’. But now I have not been popular yet, but if I became one I would want to be the guest. (laugh) For comedians, I like the duo group of Downtown.

Q: Do you still want to date a Japanese girl?
VI: Of course! If we’re really dating, I want a girl who can understand me wholeheartedly. I’m busy with my works so I can’t pick up phone, and we can’t see each other frequently. I want someone who can understand me well. But for now I don’t have the confidence to treat my girlfriend nicely. I can’t have a normal relationship like going out for dinner or go to watch movie. Even if the girl is okay with it, I still feel bad because I can’t do anything for her.

Q: Recently, is there anything you started to do? 
VI: I’m into candles lately. After turning off the lamp of my room and then I will light up the candles with flowers’ or fruits’ fragrance. It creates a nice atmosphere. When I bought lighter to light up the candles, my mom asked me, “Are you smoking?!” and I was shocked. Then I answered , “No! No! This is for candles” and she believes me.(laugh)
Q: How long do you take to memorize choreograph? 
SOL: About 30 minutes. It takes time to perfect the steps but if only to memorize it, it only takes me around 30 minutes. We’re practicing while having fun, so if we have come up with new ideas, we’ll adopt them in the choreograph right away. For ALIVE album, the dance that I like the most is the street element that has a lot in the song ‘BAD BOY’.

Q: When do you feel ‘ALIVE’?
SOL: When I’m on stage. That is my happiest moment. While concentrating on my dance, I can’t see fan’s faces and their cheering boards properly but during the talking part (MC) and encore, I can see them better. During performance, I always think of the positive energy in myself. It’s important that you can accept anything in that state.

Q: How do you maintain your body shape?
SOL: In Korea, if possible, I’ll go for work out every day but in Japan, I don’t have much time so I haven’t done it at all. I like to dance very much. Maybe because of that I have trained up the muscles on my body. For my eating habits, I don’t really hate anything in particular; I just try not to have dinner. I only have my most favorite gyudon (beef rice bowl) in the morning.

Q: Your favorite brand is?
SOL: Chrome Hearts has been my favorite brand since I was a kid! I saw a rock artist that I respect so much wore the Chrome Hearts clothes, so I thought,. "I want to buy those when I become a singer." but, even though I’ve become a singer, the price is still expensive for me.. (laugh)

Q: Is your pet dog, Boss in a good health?
SOL: Yes. He’s getting stronger and I’m becoming busier. My parents take him out for a walk every day. I don’t talk to Boss, but I feel that he really understands my feelings. He’s like my real younger brother to me.
Q : When do you feel the bond among members?
TOP: When I can read their mind just by looking at their eyes.

Q: What is your plan in the future as an actor?
TOP: I'm still considering participating in both movie and drama as my next project. I have to look at it from every aspects and think about it carefully. I have to think about“Does the project really have a meaning, how far can I feel the meaning of my next role, what’s my role in the project..” and others. About the possibility to be in the genre of love comedy? If there’s a chance, and the fans want it, the possibility is not zero. In future, I will carry out both music activities and acting at the same time, and I will always want to try showing a new side as an actor.

Q: As the oldest member, when do you find other younger members as adorable?
TOP: During live shows and on the stage when the 4 members enjoying their performance deep down their heart, I think they’re adorable. We have some skinship but sometimes we’re not expressing the love towards each other straightforwardly but I do think they’re cute.

Q: What happens when you get drunk?
TOP: I’m the type who will get sleepy then fall asleep. Lately, I like to drink‘Almavival’, a wine made from chili. The quality is good so I like it. In the past, I liked to drink a lot but nowadays I refrain myself from doing so, I only drink when I have time.

Q: Is it true that you had a party with the members at your house?
TOP: Yeah, I've invited them a few times already to come over to my house for a party. When the five of us get together, of course we'll talk about music. We discussed about "How the concept of the new album should be done" and "in what ways we have to proceed with the work" and so on.

Q: Your favorite fashion item recently?
TOP: A New York clothing brand called THOM BROWNE which I wore when I modeled for the front page of Korean's 'COSMOPOLITAN' Magazine. The suit was 'chic' and I bought them. I really like to shop around Aoyama in Japan, but I couldn't go since we're really busy these days.

Oh so charming yet cool..

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