[PHOTOS] Big Bang @ Alive Tour 2012 in Yokohama, Japan D-1 + FanAccount! (120525)

| Saturday, May 26

>>Backstage photos<<
Big Bang with ICONIQ (Korean/Jpop Singer)
Big Bang with Tornare Dental Clinic
Big Bang with Kitayama Moss (He's the person who co-wrote "Somebody to Luv & Hands Up" (Japanese Version) with G-Dragon.
>>More Big Bang photos in this Slideshow:~
  • At the end of the concert, Seungri said, “Call me (when you get home)!” and then GD dragged Seungri out of the stage 
  • At the concert today, Seungri called everyone by their name (without “san”) except for GD, he still used Ji-san 
  • Dae almost ripped his pants because he did some weird dance. At the concert in Nagoya, he also did a weird dance and fail handstand, then he said, “My pants are tight!”
  • Only after 10 minutes the concert has started, Taeyang already threw his shirt to fans.
  • Seungri said, “TOP-san, GD-san, Japanese is important in Japan.” Then, GD bowed and said, “I’ll do my best…”
  • TOP took the ring goodies from a VIP seat
  • TOP did a solo break dance. Afterwards, he did something like “dusting” with his fingers. The others asked him, “What is that?” and TOP said, “I’m giving out my energy.”
TOP (to Seungri): Today you’re “san mai” (san=3; mai= pieces, pages, etc.).
Seungri: What did you say?
TOP: San mai
Seungri: What??
*Tabi (again) fails with his Japanese XD*
Seungri (to Taeyang): SOL, do some weird dance
Taeyang: What? Weird dance? *troubled face*
Seungri: Your dance is always so cool. We want a weird dance!
Daesung: Sounds fun!
Taeyang: Ehhh??? *and did it*
Seungri: That’s still cool! I said weird dance!
*Taeyang dances again*
Seungri: That’s cool too!
*Taeyang dances again with troubled face*
Seungri: SOL just so cool in whatever dance he does… =.=
We'll be update more soon!^o^

Source: mic_chang, @negimax, Trans by: @0401rurutic, V@bigbangforlife//


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