[NEWS] Singer Kim Bum Soo has been closely observing G-Dragon? (120526)

| Saturday, May 26
Singer Kim Bum Soo has been keeping a close eye on Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.

On the May 25th episode of SBS ‘Go Show‘, guest Kim Bum Soo shared the differences between himself and the Big Bang member.

“When signing autographs, G-Dragon humbly signs his name like a true star, and maybe gives them a small nod,” he said.

Kim Bum Soo then explained that when fans ask for his autograph, he excuses himself and gets on one knee to sign the autograph. He then bows 90 degrees to the fan, and even takes friendly pictures with them, posing for the photo.

“I have been observing GD,” he said, emulating G-Dragon’s mannerisms to evoke laughter on set.

The singer also drew attention by referring to G-Dragon as ‘senior G-Dragon‘, displaying his respect for the younger star all throughout telling his story.

GD is always got that swag!^o^

Source: @Newsen//Nate//Via Akp


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