[NEWS] Big Bang featured in TKM Magazine Argentina, May Issue! (120513)

| Sunday, May 13
Let’s explode with Big Bang!

Although they making music since 2006, they’ve just achieved global success in the last time. Now they are one of the best K-pop groups… nobody can stop them!

Somehow, you could say that now many boys and girls are big fans of K-pop because of them. And, as their name implies, the music of Big Bang is an explosion for the senses!! Their songs have so much energy, it’s really hard not to get to dance and be “bam up”! So, after know to them, many people wanted to know what it was that surround musical style. While their hits fall into the category Pop, the interesting thing about this proposal is to also they address hip hop and R&B, as evidenced by their hit, “Tonight”, “Love Song”, “Fantastic Baby” and “Bad Boy “.

Another attraction of the group is that each of the members are focused on one aspect or particular discipline, and because of that, they can conform a very good combination. G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong), the leader is a great rapper who before joining to Big Bang he already had a considerable success in South Korea. He began his career when he was 7 years!. Similarly, Taeyang (Dong YoungBae) who also rapped since he was a kid with him, as both were part of YG Entertainment, a very prominent entertainment agency in their country. 

Furthermore T.O.P. also known as Tempo, but he real name is Choi Seung Hyun; he already was an actor, he participated in several films, and also recorded a solo album of rap and it positioned in prime locations of the Korean rankings. In addition, Daesung (Kang Daesung) who is an actor and TV host, and he has an individual musical project.

Finally – but certainly not least, as he brings his multifaceted and charismatic style to the group, we have to Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun), who participated in a reality show, and he is a great dancer and music producer.
Big Bang Hwaiting!^o^

Source: TKM Magazine Argentina//Trans by: @Insideofmyheart via

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