[NEWS/PHOTOS] BIGBANG's Interview on Bijin Hyakka Magazine! (120513)

| Sunday, May 13
TOP: I like my mint-coloured hair, but I think my black hair is sexier
Taeyang: I want to be ‘the person who is the most free’ in the global music scene
Seungri: If you’re a guy, it’s totally normal to like girls, right? (laughs)
Daesung: Thanks to my job, the thing I really feel is important is ‘enjoying the moment’.

GD: I think that a beautiful person is one with a beautiful heart.

Q: Where is the first place you go shopping when you come to Japan?
GD: I love Chrome Hearts, so when I come to Japan I go to the store in Aoyama.
Daesung: Rick Owens Tokyo Store in Aoyama.

Q: What is precious to you?
TOP: My family
Seungri: This phone. All of my business stuff is in here, so if I lost it I’d be totally stuck. I’d become poor (laughs)

Q: Which restaurant do you like in Japan?
GD: The eel we ate yesterday was delicious, but I’ve forgotten the name of the restaurant. Sorry!
Taeyang: Tsurutontan in Roppongi.
Daesung: I always go for Santouka salt ramen. I also love Afuri’s salt ramen. Ramen in Korea is good, but we don’t really have spicy salt ramen.

Q: What was the first CD you bought?
TOP: ‘Enter the Wu-Tang’ by the Wu-Tang Clan, an American hip-hop group. I was an elementary school student then.
Daesung: When I was an elementary school student I bought a CD by Stevie Wonder.

Q: If you were going to go on a date in Japan, where would you go?
GD: Okinawa!
Taeyang: Okinawa. I love the sea and good weather.
Daesung: I love snowboarding, so I’d go to a ski-resort in Hokkaido. We don’t really have ski resorts in Korea, so I want to try going to one in Japan.
Seungri: Hakone. I want to go to onsen (hot springs).
TOP: Aoyama. I like the refined streets and atmosphere.

Q: Do you drink alcohol?
GD: I drink a bit, but I’m kind of weak with alcohol so when I do drink it’s normally just cocktails.
Seungri: Every day (laughs). My favourite is plum wine - a double shot with soda. We don’t really have plum wine in Korea.

Q: What do you collect?

TOP: Designer furniture. I like Scandinavian chairs.
Taeyang: I’m into scarves at the moment. I don’t have that many right now but I want to collect them.
Seungri: I love aroma candles. Because I’m a good person who doesn’t smoke (laughs), my room smells wonderful!

(Part 2)
Nice to meet you, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Seungri: Nice to meet you! I have a Japanese name. My surname is Ikinari (“suddenly”), and my first name is Tameguchi (“casual talk”) (laughs)

So, is it alright if I pass round the IC recorder?
Daesung: (straightfaced) that will be 500yen
Seungri (to G-Dragon, who is still in the makeup room): G-Dragon-saaaaan! The interview is starting!!

You guys are really close, aren’t you?
Seungri: We’re super close. There isn’t a closer-knit group than us. We’ve never ever fought, not once.
GD: He’s lying.

The name of the magazine is ‘Bijin Hyakka’ (Bijin means beautiful person, and hyakka means 100 flowers). What kind of girl is a ‘beautiful one’ to you?

Taeyang: So loads of beautiful girls appear in the magazine?! I don’t have any friends so please introduce me (laughs)
GD: For me, a ‘beautiful person’ is one with a beautiful heart.
Seungri: Is that what you really think?
GD: I’m a performer (laughs)
Taeyang: Daesung is gay (laughs)
Daesung: No I’m not!! Um….is it ok if I imagine? Someone who smiles a lot is beautiful. For me, a girl who looks like she has a warm heart when she laughs is the most beautiful.
TOP: For me, in short, girls who are like my mum are beautiful. Who are slightly conservative and mild-mannered.
Seungri: I-
GD: -like all girls (laughs)
Seungri: Yeah but isn’t that normal for guys?! But seriously now, a girl who tries hard at her job, is really agreeable, and who is respectful is beautiful.
Taeyang: Girls who give me inspiration are beautiful. Personal appearances don’t matter, it depends on whether they give me energy. (While looking at the magazine) There are lots of beautiful girls here.

If we look at it the other way, what kind of girls do you not like?
TOP: Girls who swear (literally, ‘whose way of speaking is dirty’). Also, I don’t like girls who act like everyone’s friend.
Taeyang: Girls who know they’re beautiful! (nods once)

Your fashion and hairstyles are really unique to each of you. G-Dragon - is your pink hair today your real hair? oh come on what do you think??
GD: It’s an extension. But TOP’s hair is his own (laughs)
TOP: I chose this mint colour when we were making the Alive album. I thought it would fit with the Fantastic Baby concept as it’s a very unrealistic colour. But unexpectedly it goes well with classic suits, and when I’m matching sober clothes together it adds this extra spice. But I think black is sexier on me (laughs)

You’re wearing a lot of Chrome Hearts accessories today - are they your own?
GD: Yeah, most of them are my own.
Taeyang: The other members really like Chrome Hearts but I have a special story. All the artists I’ve loved since a kid wear Chrome Hearts accessories and clothes. Back then I didn’t even know the name ‘Chrome Hearts’, but I had this yearning to become an artist and have these accessories suit me.
TOP: They do suit you.
Taeyang (pointing to the super rare Rolex watch on TOP’s wrist): TOP-san also has a really great watch.
TOP (with a straight face): I’m a good man, so I have a good watch.

(the last part is about the Alive album and how they’re looking forward to the concerts in Japan, which isn’t particularly exciting so I left it out). See more PHOTOS in this Slideshow:~

NOTE: Big Bang on '美人百花' Magazine. 美人百花 means (Bijin-hyakka/Baila/Cutie)^o^

Source:美人百花/Trans by: thatsjustnotcricket@tmblr
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