[PHOTO] AAA's Shuta Sueyoshi poses with BIGBANG @ Alive Tour Yokohama Backstage! (120619)

| Tuesday, June 19

He wrote on his blog:~
Right now we are in the middle of the tour, the other day I went to observe the live of “BIGBANG” who’s also an avex artist as me! Though I went there quite a while back, I learnt quite a lot! And a commemorative photo! (Photo above)

Every member has great individuality so they were all wonderful, whether in Korea or in Japan they’re always active in the front lines so I respect them! But, we will also work hard in order not to lose to them!!!

The tour is also continuing, for everyone who are supporting us, for ourselves as well, we’ll still charge on!!

NOTE: Shuta Sueyoshi is a Japanese singer, actor, dancer and member of the popular J-Pop band AAA (Attack All Around). See more Big Bang photos @ Alive Tour Yokohama 'here'

Source: AAA Blog// Via aaatranslations


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