[MISC] "6 Year Debut" Project Affiliated with Euro Big Bang Club!

| Monday, July 9

Big Bang will be celebrating their 6th anniversary on August 19th this year. And we know that VIPs all around the world would like to celebrate with them! 

This project is under the name of European Big Bang Fanclub affiliated with BigBangWorldWide, we are starting a very special project for our boys. So do participate! 
This project is about remaking of BIGBANG's parodies: Secret Big Bang , starring YOU! The international VIPs all around the world! 

First of all, we need you to send us an email , telling us which scene from Secret Big Bang you want to remake due to unwanted overlapping of remaking the scene. 

An email will be send to you to confirm the availability of the scene you want to remake. Once a scene has been picked, you can start shooting the scene and preferably in English language or subtitles. Let the imaginary run wild, VIPs

VIPs can email us the video when it is finish. We will be responsible to pull all the videos together and send this video to YG entertainment. 

The deadline for this project is August 5th 2012, Netherlands.  Be sure you check the time difference between region of countries. 

The video will be posted on BigBangWorldWide sites , Facebook , Twitter together with European BIGBANG fanclub associated sites. 

To know more please visit: 'European BIGBANG Fanclub'

Adding on to the project, European BigBang Fanclub has created a few more projects for our boys.
NOTE: Tweet me up if you have any questions or Danni. ^o^

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