[PHOTOS] Big Bang's Japan Fanclub Event "FANTASTIC BABYS" @ Budokan! (120703)

| Monday, July 9

G-Dragon Drawing Daesung face on Japan Fanmeeting

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>>Fan account!
  • Today's BB fan event game was ' 'kendama' ' Seungri won!
  • Today's theme for drawing competition for BB fan event is 'Panda'. GD drew his panda, put it to SR's face and said 'real Panda' 
  • GD wore a 'sheep ears'.
  • Seungri won the match, GDYB lost and had to wear something, RI saw them and said 'i want it too!!'
  • GD ride on his skateboard during the fan event! 
  • DAE:i hate to get hurt (by playing skateboard) I like my bed more. Seungri: that's sounds indecent!
  • SR to DAE: u should say i like blanket! DAE: blanket is more weird!! it's summer now!
  • GD said he addicted to eat 'uni sushi'(sea urchin)then RI asked GD, 'do you eat ootoro sushi too much that your hair becomes like that??'
  • SR: i ate kankoku nori (korean seaweed) GD: that's tastes awful~~~ :P
  • DAE: I ate white fish too much that my hair color became like this! YB: i like grilled fish! (about their hair style)
  • Seungri (about YB) : his sunglasses matches so much with him,that it makes him looks like a BUG! YB: ignore him..
  • YB to YB's team fans: I say young! you say bae! Yong! Bae
  • SR: it's a punishment! what the heck? GD still looks cute with that!! (sheep ears) it's only makes him cute!! DAE: erm.. he's cute! then GD put his hand in front of his face, and doing something like a cat..
  • Beside the sheeps ears GD had to wear something that written 'tonight's Cinderella♡' 
  • There was TOP panel too.. GD kept playing with the panel. He even put his own sunglasses on 'TOP'!
  • GD wore the sheep ears and was told to do cute pose. He sat like a dog..and jumped pyong pyong~
  • GD wrapped his head with his scarf, fans screamed 'kawaiiii~~~!!!'
  • GD had to wear something that written 'tonight cinderella ♡' while YB had something written 'PERVERT GUY' 
  • while daesung wore ribbon on his head
  • GD hugged TOP's panel tonight!
  • GD backhugged TOP's panel, then DAE came from the front and hug the panel too!
  • The theme for drawing competition for night session is 山 or hill/mountain
  •  GD drew D-Lite山 (山 or hill is pronounced as 'san' in japanese too). And he made DAE's nose as big as a hill.
  • So overall the drawing themes for all 4 sessions of BB fan events are TOP> dog > panda > hill (san) /the last one was DAE's request
  • Seungri sang Sun's version on FB 'Seungri ga kita, yorokobi na' (seungri is coming, be happy) YB: SHUT UPPPP V.I!!!!
  • YB to SR: shut up! x 2.
  • SR: should we do TOP's impersonation? YB: please dont. please don't.
  • SR: why are you always bullying me? YB: i'm not. i'm serious.
  • you looks like a mushi! (mushi = bug) YB to SR: i'll seriously will mushi you! (mushi = ignore) --> Dae laughing at the side.
  • GD to RI: urusei! (you're noisy/ shut up) and another one, 'imi wakannei!' (i don't get what do you mean, but in mean way..?)
  • SR: GD don't talk much, but he's REALLLY famous!! WHY?!! I talk a lot but.... >< YB: that's the difference between GD and YOU!! GD: THE DIFFERENCE!!!
Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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