[NEWS] Daesung's Review on G-Market! " Delicious Hallabong ^_^ "(120721)

| Saturday, July 21

Hello!!!!! It's Daesung ~ ^ ^
Because it's my favorite fruits, I was so looking forward after I bought online...
But oh my gosh!!!!
How can it be so delicious ~!! ^ ^
I'm eating them so well and it is so delicious ~ ~ (I ordered 2 boxes to enjoy them!)
I'm so happy that I can buy the fruits comfortably at home and enjoy eating them!^ ^
G Market! Thank you ~ ^ ^
Next time I'm gonna order watermelon ~ ~ ~ haha ​​

Note: Han-ra bong or Hallabong is a type of korean styled orange! haha! Daesung's so cute! Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: G-Market // ds0426_ing@twitter//
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