[PHOTOS] GDYB & YG @ CGV Sangnam for Watching "The Dark Knight"! (120720)

| Friday, July 20

>GD also 'tweeted' this photo:~

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I hit a jackpot yesterday when I went to CGV at Sangam. Everybody like GD and members and Yangssa ("Pres. YG") all came at the middle of the night. It looked like all the YG kids came. I saw on GD's tweet that he watched Dark Knight? By the looks of it, I think he watched it alone at IMAX ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was so surprised that I took the picture all blurry ㅜㅜㅜ but you can tell it's GD if you look at his hair ㅋㅋ
G_Dragon & YG is spotted watching movie at CGV Sangnam last night! They probably watch <The Dark Knight Rises> since G-Dragon posted a photo of him with the poster of Anne Hathaway the lead actress of The Dark Knight Rises this morning. Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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