[NEWS] YG talks about G-Dragon's Solo Comeback! (120725)

| Wednesday, July 25

G-Dragon to release his solo teasers starting on his birthday? YGE responds, “No. That was information released by a different, baseless source.”

YG Entertainment has disputed the rumors about G-Dragon’s solo comeback teasers being released on his birthday.
According to YG Entertainment on the 25th (KST), it is true that G-Dragon has entered his final stages of solo album recording and that it will be his second time releasing a solo album in three years after his “Heartbreaker” album in 2009.
But according to the information that was released by a different source, G-Dragon has planned to release the first teaser of his upcoming 2nd album on the day of his birthday. He has decided to do so since that was the same concept tactic that he had used back in his 2009 “Heartbreaker” solo comeback where he released it on August 18th, on his 22nd birthday.
However, YG Entertainment disputed that source and further stated that no date for any of his solo activities have been confirmed. They went on to state that G-Dragon’s comeback had been arranged for the middle of August, but plans may change depending on the situation and schedule.
A representative of YGE told Star News, “Although there was an earlier report this morning saying that G-Dragon was going to release his teaser on the date of his birthday, it was all false information released by a different, groundless, and baseless source. We (YGE) are still discussing matters regarding specific dates and schedules.”
They continued, “Although he is in his final stages of solo recording, the music video and album jacket cover filming has not yet been started.”
Irrelevant information omitted.

Are you guys ready for this? GD Hwaiting^^

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