[NEWS] Seungri's Review on G-Market: I bought a dehumidifier~~~!! (120724)

| Tuesday, July 24


Hello, this is Seungri~
Because of lots of rain few days ago, this is the dehumidifier I bought today~
Although my room is small, with this dehumidifier, I think I will be able to spend smooth summer!!^^
I hope you guys can spend a smooth summer with this dehumidifier too~
It’s summer, this summer, is so hot, it’s hot, rainy season, raining, it’s humid, dehumidifier, you’ll need it, I’ve bought it, no more worries!!

So now only left T.O.P's review on G-Market product is not revealed yet.. Is everyone curious what's T.O.P gonna buy from G-Market? Stay with us for more updates!
See also the profile pictures of the members updated by G-Market. 

Source: G Market
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