[NEWS] G-Dragon’s Bentley on The high prices for the stars’ coveted vehicles! (120719)

| Thursday, July 19
There are a few cars that are always in style no matter what the current trends are, and today’s Hallyu stars know exactly which.

Even the more ‘unpopular’ cars instantly become the most-searched items on internet portal sites once a huge celebrity is spotted in one of them. The cars driven by top stars in hit drama series also tend to become hot commodities, so it comes as no surprise that the stars’ personal vehicles are also making headline news.

A representative from professional used vehicle site CarPR explained, “Once the vehicle of a celebrity becomes written about, we receive a lot more calls and questions about the make and model of the car. There is increasingly more demand from consumers who are looking to purchase the same vehicles as the celebrities, but used, at a reduced cost.”

The cars of the celebrities were once considered unattainable ‘dream cars’, but that is no longer the case. Purchasing used vehicles allows individuals to obtain the cars of the celebrities at discount prices.

So how much does the average person spend have to drive a used model of the stars’ vehicles?

To start, sexy singer Lee Hyori drives a Mercedes Benz E-Class, and in Korea a new 2012 model goes for around $121,800 US. However in the case of a used model, the 2010 E-Class can be found for about $51,000 – $54,000 USD.

Actress Kim Tae Hee who is currently an advertising model for the Toyota Camry actually drives aBMW 5-series in her day to day life. A top of the line brand new model is being sold for $95,700 USD, however, a used 2008 model can be purchased for around $26,000 USD.

Stylish idol star G-Dragon of Big Bang is well-known to have a white Bentley GT, a vehicle that is priced at $252,000 USD for a brand new model. A used 2005 model would cost the average driver anywhere around $76,000 USD.

And actress Yoo In Na whorecently announced she was dating actor Ji Hyun Woo drives a sportyAudi A6, a vehicle priced at $73,000 USD for a new model. A used 2011 ‘Full Option’ A6 is priced at around $43,000 USD.

“Many of the celebrity vehicles that are in high demand by consumers are foreign imports,” the CarPR rep continued. “They are high-priced vehicles that are unique and a rare sight.”

“Because of the high prices and costly maintenance fees involved, the cars driven by these celebrities have high market price reductions and in the case of used vehicles, they are being sold at less than 50% of the new model prices,” the rep added. “Instead of purchasing cars for the sake of mimicking top stars, it is best to purchase cars that are easy to maintain and fall within your individual budget range.”

He's such a rich guy for us... keke~~^o^

Source: NATE//Via Akp
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