[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update! "World Ranking's Seung-chan"! (120718)

| Thursday, July 19
Today I had a recording for NTV’s "Whatever World Ranking" (Nandemo Sekai Banzuke).

People from around the world appear on the show. I came to the show for the first time upon request as the special guest.
Horiken sensei, Nagura-san and Harada-san surely remember me because we met before in Shabekuri [show]. They were really kind to me.

To make sure I speak a lot, Nagura-san came up to talk to me. Then, Horiken sensei taught me a new gag different from the kankoku nori* one. It’s really funny so don’t miss it!!
People from various countries came and all of them speak fluent Japanese. I was so surprised!! They were much better than me! It was fun listening to stories from different countries!!
The recording was quite long so I’m a bit tired... So good night all!!! ^_^
*Kankoku nori (Korean seaweed) is a gag from Shabekuri show

Seungri hwaiting! Take care in Japan! Stay with us for more updates! ^^
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