[NEWS] G-Dragon's Interview on "S cawaii Magazine"! (120708)

| Sunday, July 8
Q1:What is the concept of your current hair style? 
GD:Flames and dragon balls.(laugh)

Q2:What do you think when you're on the stage?
GD:I don't think anything so after the end of every live,I cannot even remember what I have sung.

Q3:When you are writing lyrics, u put in your own emotions?
GD:Yes,it is always like this. My real story plus fictional stories.

Q4:Are there anything bad happened to your life?

GD: What appears in the songs would appear in my life,eg,if there is lyrics like ‘make love’in da songs, I would really fall in love.

Q5.if you have to describe each member of BB as an animal?

GD: Sol is like a faithful lion, VI is like suricate by looking at his face.
GD: D-lite is like a sea urchin,after eating it once, you cannot stop loving it. TOP is a black jaguar and I am a fox.

Q6: Did u have a nickname when u were small

GD:hammer!When I went to a friend’s home, I brought nails n a hammer n I nailed the nails.

Q7:When u were trainees,which members are problematic kids? 

GD: everyone of us are.Since we were still immature, there were problems~

Q8: The most impressive present that you have gotten from your fans?

GD: AV. When i 1st saw it, i was stunned and i am still curious why (laugh)~

Q9:Were there any behind-the-scene stories when u worked with Pixie Lott?

GD: because she was so young,I was surprised. Since her music was very mature,watching her face, I said,’very young!’ When I saw her in Springgrove 2012, she was with her mum. =]
Q10:What food to be added into your meal box would make you happy?
GD: Natto! With it, I can have my meal very happily. (laugh)

Q11: What are in your bag today?
GD:I have not brought a bag today and I always forget to bring along my things.

Q12: GD san, u always give us a feeling that you are very fashionable, what do you wear at home?
GD:I am naked at home. I am joking(laugh)When I am at home, I wear relaxing n comfortable clothes, eg. T-shirt and cotton sport trousers.

Q13:Recently,what have you discovered in your own body?(Any new discovery)

GD:I think my eyes are getting smaller.When I was small, I thought my eyes were quite big. (Largh)

Q14:The weakest thing of you in reality?

GD: Being waken up when I am sleeping.

Q15:In the morning, how can people wake you up that will make you happy? 

GD: it will be good to be waken up by a kiss of a pretty girl. XD

Q16: :Which part of girls do you first notice when u are seeing each other the first time?

GD:Face, I see the feeling expressed by her face.

Q17: Regarding romantic relationship, do you believe in faling in love at first sight or developing into couples starting from friends?

GD:Falling in love at first sight.

Q18:What do you like a girl to wear n your fav hairstyles n makeups of girls? 

GD: black onepiece which can shows her collabone n sports shoes.

Q19: If you could travel back to the past by a time machine, when do u wanna go back n what will u tell him

GD: when I was 5 and tell him ’Ur future will be like it!”At that time, I was dreaming to be a young actor and be active in the showbiz.

Q20:What is the wish of BB?

GD:We want to use our limited power to keep on singing infinitely =]
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Source: kappi573//GD@ weibo//Trans: godlovesrice@tumblr


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