[NEWS] T.O.P's Interview on S Cawaii Magazine! (120708)

| Sunday, July 8
Q1. Use 1 sentence to conclude your personality. 
TOP: Along the flooding of time, my personality is changing too. In conclusion, I have double personality.

Q2. The earliest memory that you have?
TOP: I have been addicted to music since I was small. Since I was too absorbed in it, I only remember things related to music. (I always write lyrics when listening to music), that was around when I was in grade 5. 

Q3. Your dream when small?
TOP: Nothing particular. I fell in love with music when I was about 10, then I have been working hard for being a singer 

Q4. TOP san gave us a cool and handsome impression but the reality is?
TOP: I have different sides, some are known and some are not. Basically, I will not expose my secrets.

Q5. Clothes that enables you to express yourself?
TOP: I like vintage and high-class fashion.

Q6. What is your fashion today?
TOP: It is the collaboration between MCM and PHENOMEMON and the jacket is designed specially by designer. 

Q7. The most satisfactory part of yourself? 
TOP: Eyes. 

Q8. How much time do you spend on dressing yourself in the morning?
TOP: 3 hours. I prepare while exercising these days and arrange clothes. Therefore, loads of time has to be spent.

Q9. The item which must carry in ur bag?
TOP: Eh... (In japanese) it is secret!

Q10. Before your concerts, what do you do for sure?
TOP: I would rehearse the rundown in my mind because it is very important to devote all myself to the performance.I also drink plain coffee.

Q11. What kind of cheering from the fans make you happiest (in Japanese)
TOP: I am the happiest if you shout my name in Japanese.

Q12. Which place do you think you are the most relaxing when you are there?
TOP: At home. Since I have collected some sofa at home, I am the most relaxing when I am sitting there.

Q13. What thing do you most frequently buy at convenience store?
TOP: Drinks. I don't pick, just cold drinks is okay.

Q14. If you have to go to somewhere with members, where will it be?
TOP: We are now discussing it. Go to the seaside, we want to go to the seaside.

Q15. What is your own treasure?
TOP: My sentimental self.

Q16. If you were a girl, which member do you wanna date?
TOP: None. (laugh)       

Q17. If there were a button that you can press then you can go back to 10 years ago, would you press it?
TOP: I would. Because I have already known how these 10 years would be. And if I went back, then I could follow the path and challenge some new things.

Q18. About other members, do you have anything that you wanna know about them?
TOP: As the oldest member, I wanna know whether they have worked seriously.

Q19. What do you feel when you are doing live?
TOP: When I am performing on the stage because I have to devote all of myself to it, I will become more sensitive and emotional.

Q20. Looking back,what have you done to achieve success?
TOP: Being health is the basics. Keep both mind and body healthy is the most important.        

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