[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: O-Nation's Seung-chan! (120726)

| Friday, July 27

O-Nation’s Seung chan

This morning I went back to Tokyo from Osaka by Shinkansen! Then I appeared on Fuji TV’s O-Nation! I met Summers* for the first time! I’m really looking forward(^-^)/

Today, those who love singing and dancing were gathered around and they worked together to create a great show. I was there as the representative for O-Nation!

It’s really hot today T_T Those who appeared on the show are mostly ordinary people. But they were really good in dancing and singing! I’m amazed!! It was really hot but I heard they came since 7.00am for rehearsal T_T

I think it was a bit tiring but as the result they really did a good job!! They did their best until the end!
So, please check O-Nation when it goes on air!!

NOTE: Summers is a group name of Japanese comedians duo.

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