[TWITTER] G-Dragon & Taeyang Twitter Updates! (120727)

| Saturday, July 28

[TRANS] Today's lovely Byunghoon hyung's birthday! Wish him a happy birthday! Happy birthday! miss you K! What present do you want?

[TRANS] Celebrity's photo taken secrectly

[TRANS]  Daesung's humor talk before leaving 

@IBGDRGN: Flight has been delayed for 2 hours..So I'm eating Korean food. p.s KoolDali's food is delicious as usual
@Realtaeyang: @IBGDRGN puhaha i ate breakfast at there too
@IBGDRGN: @Realtaeyang Really? You sent a message via telepathy to me. That's why I was craving for KoolDali 

@hongjanghyun: @IBGDRGN@Realtaeyang Where is it? Please let me know too.
@IBGDRGN: @hongjanghyun@Realtaeyang At Gong-Deok crossway, KoolDaLi restaurant in da house~~~

Taeyang's twitter update: 

Eat well and have a save flight to our Big Bang! Hwaiting for tomorrow's concert in Guangzhou! Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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