[PHOTOS] G-Dragon & Taeyang's Twitter Updates! (120719)

| Thursday, July 19

[TRANS] @Realtaeyang You're bam(bomb) too. Right now it's an early morning that has surpassed bam (night time) I want a ddak-bam. I'm hungry. Bam, bam (chesnut, chesnut).

>@Realtaeyang also update his twitter:~
>GD's converstation with @Mina Kwon:
Mina Kwon: “I drew this for Teddy oppa!! #nofvckinsmokin [picture above]”
GD: “(RT-ed Mina’s Tweet) Me too me too!”
Mina Kwon: “@IBGDRGN Of you understand the twitter system a little now??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
GD: “@MINAKWON I’m just stupid”
Mina Kwon: “@IBGDRGN korea got twitter babo”

*NOTE: babo = stupid/fool~ Below is a Gift from a GD, which he gift the Hello Kitty's Skateboard:~

Mina Kwon: “got the sweetest gift from the one and only GD!!! i really really love it!!” 

OMG!! I can't wait for G-Dragon's 2nd solo album! How about you guys? August is coming soon so let's wait for his comeback together! G-Dragon hwaiting!

Source: IBGDRGN//Realtaeyang@twitter//@minakwon + swaggalevel-1000@tumblr//@sarseoul@tmblr
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Anonymous at: July 19, 2012 at 7:34 AM said...

Omg !! I really thankful for yr twetter translation.
GD is always cute&cool and his friends also ^.^

I just cant wait for his solo album. That s the truth.

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