[VIDEO] Seungri on "Sakigake" TV Music Ranking EIGHT Full Show! (120712)

| Thursday, July 12

V.I. with Oguri Shun, Shirota Yu, AKIRA (EXILE) & Takimoto Miori @ 120711 FujiTV Sakigake! Music Ranking EIGHT!

V.I. with his close friend, Shirota Yu

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  • V.I. asked Shun which BB song he likes, Shun says “Gara Gara Go!!!” then added in that he likes T.O.P because he thinks he’s cool.
  • V.I. asked how old is Shun’s character in the drama (29-CEO) and V.I. was in awe, He said it’s great to be 29 and be a president. Then Shun said he’s wondering how rich BIGBANG is. V.I. said It’s not true cause only G-Dragon is rich.
  • V.I. taught Shun the Fantastic Baby Wiper Dance
  • V.I. asked Shun if he could use the name “Oguri Seun (as in Oguri Seungri) Shun agreed and V.I. said it felt like they were brothers foreal XD
  • V.I. & Shirota Yu are friends from before, but V.I didn’t know he was in GTO too, when he came to see Akira & Miori. He was shocked to meet his friend on set ^^
See also photos of Seungri on SAKIGAKE! Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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