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In front of the unique-looking YG building in Hapjeong-dong of Seoul, there is always some crowd waiting for someone. Even at first glance, it's clear that the crowd is of various races. People from Korea, Japan, USA, Europe, South Americas and various other countries wait endlessly for someone. It is BIGBANG, the idol whom they are waiting for.

The five members of BIGBANG, did not travel much over the last year. They spend most of their time in a studio at the YG building. When people experience ups and downs of life, they become feeling longing for something and at some time they begin to gain depth in their lives. For BIGBANG, this depth was all about music. Over time, they worked fiercely and without any complaints, to put their true voices in the music. Various feelings such as love, longings and pain were all put into melodies. These very melodies and music were gathered and at last, 'ALIVE' was created.

As BIGBANG’s comeback became imminent, there was one more thing the fans were anticipating for. It was their new style which has been always something bigger and more surprising than fans expected. BIGBANG has always been extraordinary and futuristic in their styles. Time wise, BIGBANG needed a more unique style in this new album and the fans openly expressed their expectations.

After the 'ALIVE' album, the 'STILL ALIVE' also received a lot of attention. The innovative styles and visual concepts as well as the music were extremely popular. Only in the first of the year, the album sales were 110 thousand and considering the short period of time, this was a tremendous outcome. Only with 2 albums, the sales in the first half of the year were 400 thousand. 'Still Alive' was created because there were so much love and s for a full version after listening to the intro 'ALIVE' in the last 5th mini-album. The strong determination expressed in the lyrics will be the most noticeable aspect of the song.

BIGBANG’s latest journey, '2012 ALIVE Galaxy Tour'. From 'ALIVE' to 'STILL ALIVE', BIGBANG finished their official Korea schedules and begun their first world tour. This world tour will be on 16 countries, 25 cities beginning from Asia first and to North America, South America and Europe. From the beginning, this tour was a special project because it was Live Nation, the world's best concert production company who first suggested BIGBANG for a world tour.

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