[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seung-chan who doesn't rest! (120829)

| Wednesday, August 29

Seungri's Diary Update! (120829)
Seung-chan who doesn't rest!

I can't be stopped!! Work! Work! Give me work! (^-^)/
Today I had a show recording with Nakai-san from SMAP who I love the most and Tsurube-san! ^^
Tsurube-san said that he watched my Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke show! He praised me by saying : "You really know the points of comedy show"
And he talked to me alot during the recording today. He called me "V" (not VI but V). I'm so happy!
Nakai-san is my aim! I said straightly to him:" I really like you" at today's recording and he said: " I really like BIGBANG too!". Even after that, he said to me:" VI, why are you so funny?"
It's a special 4 hours and half episode, so it's really great! I really talked alot! ^^
Please looking forward to it okay!
Iwao-san who took care of me during the last Haneru no Tobira show was here too! And Sashihara-chan who recorded "Waratte Ii Tomo" and Ume-chan of AKB who recorded "Tosouchuu" together with me were here too. Great right?
We've became friends already. Isn't this awesome! ^_^
Today was really fun too~ Good night (^-^)/

Stay with us for more updates!^^
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