[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: The heat is killing Seung-chan! (120731)

| Thursday, August 2

120731 Seungri Diary update: 
[Update 1- The heat is killing Seungchan]

The heat is killing Seung chan

Hot hot hot..It’s hot!
It’s really hot!!! Why is it hot like this? It’s no good right? T-T
Today, I had a recording and shooting at United States of Odaiba .
Oh!!! Luffy!! It’s Luffy!! So cute(^-^)/ I took a photo with this guy!! 
Actually, I like Sanji more but Sanji was not there.. Can’t be help, I don’t have time, I’m sorry..
And today, I also had a shooting together with a comedian duo, HiHi. They were really kind to me! In reverse, I was the one who was fooling around. I’m sorry. After that, I appeared on SSTV MI6 to promote my regular show.

I also met Chihara Junior san for the first time and he praised me by saying this, “What’s the comedians suppose to do when you’re so funny?”. I’m happy!! I’ve worked hard! But it’s weird that the photo we took together looks like a fake (PS-ed) photo.Since I had a long hours shooting outside, I think my face is getting darker. I think I’m going to use face pack and then go to sleep~ good night!

FYI, Seungri updated his diary twice on July 31 and this is the first diary he updated! We gonna share the 2nd diary of that day when translation is available! Stay with us for more updates!^^
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