[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seung-chan's New Show May be SSTV's next Big Hit! (120731)

| Thursday, August 2

120731 Seungri's Diary update 2:
Seung chan’s new show maybe will be SSTV’s next big hit

Today, I had a recording for my own show, SSTV’s VI from BIGBANG 000000. During the morning recording, Knights-san came and showed me around Asakusa. Knights-san’s jokes were a bit old fashion and I was making fun of it. I’m sorry. Because it’s my show, it can’t be help to act a bit reckless.
In Asakusa, I went to eat okonomiyaki in Asakusa and I really enjoyed it! The show is definitely going to be interesting so please look forward for the airing time!
(Seung chan with comedy duo Knights)

And then for evening’s recording, Panther-san came and we really had fun together ^-^
We went to a game centre and there were many games there. So awesome that we really enjoyed it! ^-^ The last one I can’t reveal it… With only the guys, our hearts were burning with passions! So nice!
Please look forward for the show on 8/2! I really had fun today ^_____^
(Seung chan with a Japanese comedy group, Panther)

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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