[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seungchan, Wake up! (120801)

| Thursday, August 2
Seungchan Wake up!

Seung chan wake up!

Today’s work started at 5pm so I slept a lot. It’s been awhile since I had a good sleep. Woke up around 3pm and then I ate omurice. I want to eat mom’s cooking.. T_T

I wonder if everyone’s fine. A while ago I received a mail from my younger sister. She said she wants to be a singer. As an older brother, I was hesitated and didn’t know how to answer her. I really don’t know why she wants to become a singer. Is it because of me?

Is it because she saw me and decided wants to be like me? During this time, how am I supposed to reply her? It’s difficult. Do your best sis! I’ll always support whatever you want to do! I receive phone calls from my father almost every day and he always says he misses me. Who’s actually the father here? I really miss them~

Today, I suddenly appeared on SSTV’s AREA show to promote my show, VI from Bigbang that starts tomorrow.
During last show, Gary-san’s gag that he taught us became a hot topic. Fans became angry and asked Gary-san to make an apology. Gary-san already said “I’m deeply sorry” so everyone please don’t bash him anymore. He taught the gag just for fun so please forgive him.

Then, I was so surprised when I heard Kyari-chan is only 19 years old. Kyari-chan is really young.

Anyway, tomorrow please watch Seung chan’s regular show on SSTV, VI from Bigbang! If the respond is good the show might get an extend time! ^-^

Stay with us for more updates!^^

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