[NEWS] Will G-Dragon flaunt a sculpted body for his comeback? (120805)

| Sunday, August 5

Is G-Dragon transforming his body for his impending comeback?
G-Dragon is known not to have much interest in building his body, but recently, he has been frequently spotted making daily visits to the YG Entertainment gym for workouts lasting several hours.
It seems to be a preparation for his solo album, which is scheduled  for release near the end of August.
An associate shared,”It’s not for a sudden image transformation, but he’s managing his health for his solo activities. He’s consistently working out for several hours a day.”
As a trendsetter that received much attention from the music and fashion scene for his first solo album ‘Heart Breaker‘ back in 2009. G-Dragon intensified workout regime has increased fans’ curiosity over the new image for his comeback.

OMG! It's August! I can't wait for GD's comeback! How about you guys? Stay with us for more updates!^^
Source: OSEN via naver via akp
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