[PHOTOS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seungchan of Beijing! (120804)

| Sunday, August 5

[Seung-chan of Beijing]

Here is Beijing! We had a blast on the last concert in China! Thank you for working hard with us China!!!

Here we go!! The revenge with TOP-kun! The result is, well, at last it was Seungri’s victory.

Sorry, it can’t be help in the battle world. Top-kun said this to me, “Is there any boxing game? If boxing, I’m sure I will not lose!”.  Next time, are we going to play boxing game? (laugh)

Anyway, nice work TOP-kun! Other than TOP-kun, seems like the other 3 members, went to a vacation somewhere. . They really got tanned skins. Leader’s nose is really red..!! Just like a reindeer!! Would be great if I can join them too 

I have something I want to say to all the fans today.

A lot of fans showed up yesterday at the airport, around 4000. I was really happy and thankful, but I really regret to say that should any accidents happen in China, the regulation is that concerts will be banned (by local authority) in the future.

I want to see everyone, greet everyone with a smile but safety comes first.

Even though I left the airport from the back exit, but I hope you all understand because my heart is always with you.

I also have another announcement! Starting from August 6, Seung-chan’s diary can be read from smart phone! Please look forward! 
Good night (^-^)/

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