[PHOTOS/NEWS] Seungri featured in Nishinippon Japanese Newspaper! (120827)

| Wednesday, August 29

  In Asia, Big Bang has excelled in the area of music, fashion and arts. We have interviewed the youngest member VI whose Japanese really impressed us.

Q) This is the album (ALIVE) that we had been anticipating for a long time. It's been said that you put in a lot of efforts in producing it!
VI: This is an important album that we worked on for a whole year. ALIVE, the title of our album means 'living'. Although we faced things that seemed unbearable, with the concerted efforts of the five members and thinking that "this is the last time", we made this album. Among all the songs, Fantastic Baby is special since we had the assistance of VERBAL-san (a producer) and were able to produce a song with good sense. The lyrics are very good too.

Q: It seems that from music production to your looks, you design them all with your own hands.
VI: Leader G-Dragon's strength lies in composing songs and writing lyrics. We have our own fashion designers but we do also give our own opinions. Our president YG does not say, "do this, do that." He gives us quite a lot of freedom to do the music that we love and wear the clothes that we want. He respects us as artists.

Q: Your group is quite different from the current K-POP style, which places emphasis on uniform dancing and looks.
VI: Our group consists of members who have distinctive characters and unique strengths. We can express our opinion freely so we produce brand new music from time to time. It is really a delightful thing! We don't really practice and the longest session usually lasts for 3 hours. If our body is exhausted then our brains will be tired too. If we are in this state, then we will not be happy when we are performing on the stage. Big Bang really loves performing on stage so when the members gather together, we discuss about "today we do this, tomorrow we will do that" or "I think these clothes really suit you." So with our hearts pounding and an excited mood, we feel very happy when we are performing. It's like we're intoxicated. I want to convey this kind of intensity to everyone.

Q: How do you keep your physical and mental power?
VI: It is our strength too if we are physically healthy. Good athletes also pay attention to their body conditions. We work out every day and we have our own trainers. Moreover, it is important to sustain the fitness. It is not workable if our body conditions fluctuate.

Q: Is there anything exciting happening in your daily life?
VI: Films and sitcoms. I have the dialogues of Umizaru almost memorized now. After watching 'Rookies', I now know how to talk like a bad boy. (Laughs) However, I am learning how to speak formal Japanese since it is important for me to accumulate my life experience.

Q: What are the secrets of the popularity of Korean artists?
VI: Koreans are usually impatient people who change their mobile phones like once every month. The pace of changes is so fast. The rankings on music charts change weekly or every 3 days. Because of this, the artists are really hardworking. However, this is only one circle of world music. If we want to jump out of the boundaries of KPOP, we have to grow up by exchanging our ideas with international artists. American and European DJs and producers have voiced out their desire to collaborate with us, so we hope to mature.

Q: You are also a "gags maker" in variety shows. You are easy-going and popular!
VI: Japanese pay special attention to the charm of getting along with others well. Big Bang members have good personalities off stage. We display our real selves. I stay in Japan on my own and rent an apartment. I travel in different cities and I want to impress you in talk shows as an entertainer.
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