[TRANS] Daesung's Gmarket Review: Dehumidifier for Dancer hyungs! (120823)

| Friday, August 24
Hell~o, Dae~sung~imnida (It's Daesung)
To the dancer hyungs who show amazing shows on stage with us, Big Bang.
A gift prepared so you can stay nice and dry this summer~~~!!!!!!!!!!
(Truthfully, it's for the hyungs' new home! It's a housewarming present!^^)
With the dehumidifier, the humidity is zero~!!!!!!
Specially, you must be worried about the laundry since they're drenched in sweat.
Now that you have the dehumidifier, you will be able to dry your clothes well at home~!!! ^^
(Laundry... done!!)
So from now on, let's do fighting~

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Source: G-Market via BBU
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