[TRANS] Seungri's Gmarket Review: Electric fan for manager hyungs! (120823)

| Friday, August 24

A present that makes me happy, too~~~!!!^^I prepared a present for our manager hyungs who are more tired and sleepless than us because of the busy schedules- ^^I heard that hyungs have a hard time getting to sleep because of the tropical nights, so I ran to Gmarket and picked this present-!! I can't see manager hyungs often because of my activities in Japan, but they even sent me this picture that made me happy after receiving it- kkkk Our hyungs jjang-!!!!

Aww the boys are just so sweet! G-Dragon bought his stylist team a sofa whereas Daesung bought a dehumidifier for the dancers and now Seungri bought electric fan for their managers. Read G-Dragon's review and Daesung's review too.

Source: G-market via BBU
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