[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seung-chan is the half entertainer! (120813)

| Tuesday, August 14
Seung-chan is the half entertainer
Today, I had a recording together with Tamura Atsushi-san and Kamiji Yusuke-san for their show, Gachi Gase ^_^ I always wanted to meet Atsushi-san for at least once ^^ Through this recording, I have come to like him more! He’s really nice (^-^)/ 

I came to like Yusuke-san when I watched his movie, Drop. He’s an actor and really handsome in person! During the recording I hugged Yusuke-san and his face became red! Cute! I’m sorry Yusuke-san! It’ can be help since he’s handsome, I don’t have time, I’m sorry. 

On today’s recording, we talked about the cosmetic surgery. For me, I don’t think it’s necessary to go under the knife so, everyone please don’t push yourself too hard. Since our parents have tried their best to raise us, so it’s kind of too much to change our face.. T_T It’s not good, right? (^-^)/  

And we also talked about newhalf (transgender) and I really respect them. There are quite many newhalf entertainers in Japan and they’re really good with talking! They’re kind too! Besides,  I think perhaps they’re even happier than me.. ^^ 

I’ll cheer for them! I respect them! After this, I have to go somewhere with Sugi-chan! See you!!

NOTE: This is the 2nd update of Seungri's diary for August 13th. You can read his first update of the day from here. Stay with us for more updates!^^

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