[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seung-chan's Surprise! (120811)

| Sunday, August 12

Seung-chan’s Surprise
Today I had a shooting for a prime time show, Tuesday Surprise! I ate a lot of foods with Ishizuka-san, Wentz-san and Hisamoto-san!!

The way of Ishizuka-san saying the word ‘maiu~~~’(delicious) is funny! I was surprised knowing he’s the same age as my father.. During the shooting I kept calling him ‘father’. Then he praised me by saying, “V.I, you’re funny!”. Wentz-san knows many places to play (or enjoy) and he said he’ll introduce to me. If talking about playing I won’t lose either hahahahahaha

And also Hisamoto-san said she’s still single and lonely. Then she said “VI, would you date me?” Hearing that from a super senior Hisamoto-san, my expression became like this “???????”, I’m so sorry. I already have girlfriends in Korea and Japan. I’m a bad boy.
Futari no sekai~~~Magyakuna noni~~~ ( Although we’re from the opposite world)*TOP’s part from BADBOY Japanese ver.I want to meet TOP-kun~ (can also means “I miss TOP-kun”)

The show Tuesday Surprise is plan for 1 hour Special broadcast!
Please look forward everyone (^-^)/ After this, I’ll be on many prime time shows! That’s because I’m popular! It can’t be help, I don’t have time, I’m sorry!

Stay with us for more updates!^^

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