[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seung-chan's Fireworks! (120812)

| Sunday, August 12

Seung-chan’s Fireworks
Today I went to see the largest fireworks festival in Japan! I made a reservation at sushi restaurant in a high-class hotel, and watched fireworks show while eating sushi! Isn’t this stylish? If you become my girlfriend, I’m sure you’ll be happy!
That line is a bit annoying right~~~

 I always go to this restaurant and it’s been awhile since I last came. So the owner prepared a very large tuna for me!! And then there are also big prawns!

Most of costumers in the restaurant wore yukata and they looked really beautiful! But it’s really expensive T_T There’s no leisure for a poor man like me..
But it can’t be help, I don’t have time, I’m sorry. All is good since the food was delicious! Let’s go again with everyone next time!

Notes: Today is August 12th! It's Seungri's day!! Happy Seungri's Day!!! Stay with us for more updates!^^
Source: Marthapido@tumblr//cr photo: sexybackV1
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