[VIDEOS] G-Dragon to perform "Today" and "Missing You" with Lydia Paek on GD Friends Live! (120925)

| Tuesday, September 25

G-Dragon will be performing a couple of singles from his new solo album he′s never performed before live through the web. On September 25, G-Dragon will unveil the live performance of Missing You and Today through Naver. 

G-Dragon′s album One of a Kind has been gathering much attention on the charts, as it is his first solo album in three years. The hip-hop single One of a Kind, the acoustic That XX and the electronic and hip-hop Crayon have been spotted on the top of charts everywhere. 

To celebrate his success after releasing his album on September 15, G-Dragon appeared in the GD Countdown Live event, in which he was accompanied by fellow Big Bang member Taeyang, composer/dancer Lydia Paek, Tablo and producer Choice 37. He thanked his fans after seeing his album rank high on music charts, and celebrated with his friends. 

The second event to follow GD Countdown Live, the upcoming GD Friends Live, will show how G-Dragon is in everyday life, as well as the never-before-seen performances of Missing You and Today. Missing You drew interest for bringing in Jaurim′s vocalist Kim Yun A. It is a song that fits the lonely autumn, and G-Dragon plans to perform it live with Lydia Paek. 

Fans are looking forward to how G-Dragon′s unique voice will mix with Lydia′s. The singer will then sing Today, which originally featured the voice of Nell′s Kim Jong Wan, alone. 

G-Dragon will not only meet his fans through his performances, but also a talk section in which he answers questions turned in to him through me2day, and talks about what happened behind the scenes of his album. 

Everyone around the world can tune in to the event, so make sure you′re there at Naver Music from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. (KST).

Check out GD Friends Live Worldwide spot if you haven't~

G-Dragon Facebook: Tonight at 10pm(KST)!!! What's happening at YG Building!! So excited by the anticipation of worldwide audience!!! AND we've got special guests visiting this evening!! Stay tuned @
Make sure you join G-Dragon on GD Friends Live! It's going to be on in a few hours time and this time it's available around the world!

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Jessica at: September 26, 2012 at 12:52 AM said...

Are y'all going to upload it and put subs for the people don't know Korean language? I really hope y'all doing.

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