[NEWS/VIDEO] G-Dragon lookalike makes a cameo at Crispi Crunch’s ‘Menboong Time’ MV! (120925)

| Tuesday, September 25

In a recent post on an online community with the title,“GD in Menboong Time music video?” a screen capture of Crispi Crunch and a man who looks just like G-Dragon appeared.

Dressed in a pink leopard print tank top with pink hair, the man in the video was almost an exact replica of G-Dragon.
With the overwhelming amount of interest and questions, JS Prime Entertainment revealed that the man in question was not G-Dragon, but Jo Kyu Min, a G-Dragon lookalike who has previously appeared on SBS’ Star King.

Cheezy, who is a member of Crispi Crunch, personally knew Jo Kyu Min and asked him to appear in the group’s video, dressed up as G-Dragon.

*NOTE: He appears around at 1:23Stay with us for more updates?^o^

Sources: @enewsworld
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