[NEWS] G-Dragon's Gaho has a younger girlfriend? (120923)

| Sunday, September 23

On 23rd September 2012, G-Dragon uploaded a picture of a small dog looking just like Gaho. As curious as fans are, SE7EN decided to tweet G-Dragon, asking him regarding the identity of the dog spotted in his photo update. 


G-Dragon: Come over here cutie! (T/N: Lyrics from Crayon)

SE7EN: @IBGDRGN  Huh?? Gaho's sibling???

G-Dragon: @officialse7en No she's his younger girlfriend.....

SE7EN: @IBGDRGN Super cute ^^♥ (T/N: SE7EN used "gae" which means super but also the word for "dog")

G-Dragon: @officialse7en The little girl has a bad temper...

SE7EN: @IBGDRGN Hey the girlfriend doesn't seem to be of age! Is there prostituion for dogs? Gaho is a total thief this guy!!!

G-Dragon: @officialse7en ke ke ke ke I'm gonna raise the baby and mate them when she's an adult~

SE7EN: @IBGDRGN No~~~ By the time Gaho will be a wrinkly grandpa and can't mate☺

G-Dragon: @officialse7en Too exposing hyung...

SE7EN: @IBGDRGN Oh really??? Sorry sorry I was a little sloppy~~ (I'll delete it immediately!! I think no body has seen this yet!!! Shhh~~~~~!!)

G-Dragon: @officialse7en ㅠㅠ 

SE7EN: @IBGDRGN Love you dongsaeng ♥ 

Taeyang: @IBGDRGN me too~~

SE7EN: @Realtaeyang ?? You want to mate too?

Taeyang: @officialse7en Ah..Hyung~...

SE7EN: @Realtaeyang Love you dongsaeng ♥

Such a funny hyung!

Source: @officialse7en// @IBGDRGN// @Realtaeyang// @kristinekwak// @appledarkcocoa
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